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Hi there!
We are Chocolate Mermaid

“I am totally obsessed with embroidery on t-shirts but can’t find anything I really-really like.”
– LIVI –

“Well, then let’s make some!”
– MELI –

This is the story of Chocolate Mermaid in a nutshell. The two founders, Lívia Vértes and Melinda Deák have nurtured close friendship for years, both working in the fashion industry. Livi has been art directing several glossy fashion magazines in Hungary, while Meli was head of production of a Budapest-based international contemporary fashion brand.

“All we had to do is merge our knowledge and experience. We are dressing outspoken mermaids into carefully tailored t-shirts and sweatshirts. We design stuff that we love to wear and can be proud of: only the highest quality cotton is used in the process and instead of printing we chose cool looking and long lasting embroidery. Our captions and motifs are rich in attitude and inspired by the way we see the world.”